Estate Taxes

What is an “Estate”? An estate is comprised of everything you own – your home, vehicles, checking and savings accounts, personal possessions, stocks, bonds, investments and ownership in a small business. Many people are surprised to find out that “all assets” for IRS tax calculations include non-probate assets such as life insurance, IRA’s and 401(k)’s. The estate planning lawyers at Badeaux & Associates in Clear Lake can help you determine the value of your estate.

Estate taxes are taxes imposed on your "estate" after someone dies. Texas does not have an estate act, but federal estate tax laws apply. As of January 2019, the estate tax exemption amount is approximately $11, 400,000 per person. This means that if the value of your "estate" is under the exemption amount at the time of your death (i.e. under $11,400,000) no taxes will be due. If your estate is valued over the exemption amount, taxes may be due and will be taxed at a rate of 40%.

Minimizing Estate Taxes — What We Offer

  • Advice on whether your heirs would owe estate taxes
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate death taxes
  • Drafting Trusts to eliminate or reduce estate taxes
  • Coordinating beneficiary designations for life insurance, 401(k)’s and IRA’s
  • Credit Shelter Trusts
  • Advice on transfer of wealth, businesses and real estate

Joanne M. Badeaux Is a Recognized Authority in the Community

Ms. Badeaux has spoken to various organizations on the following topics:

  • Estate Planning “It’s Easier Than You Think,” sponsored by Hilltop Securities, November 2016, League City, Texas
  • “Safeguard Your Legacy – Eliminating Estate Taxes,” sponsored by Smith Barney, Gilruth Center, NASA, March 2011
  • “Everything You Wanted to Know About Wills and Trusts But Were Afraid to Ask,” presented at local AARP; Texas A&M Mom’s Club and Senior Friends.

Interned for Harris County Probate Judge

Attorney, Shelby Perrin, interned for a Harris County probate judge and learned first-hand the terminology that judges expect in Wills and Trusts and what they want from attorneys practicing in their court. Badeaux & Associates is equally experienced in Harris County, practices law in Harris County, Galveston County and Brazoria County.

Transferring Real Estate After Death

Most decedents own real estate and attorney, Joanne Badeaux, has extensive real estate law experience transferring title to or selling real estate, both residential and commercial. Learn more about our Real Estate Attorneys.

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