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"This Isn't Our First Rodeo"

The attorneys at our firm have 45 years of combined experience. We have successfully represented thousands of clients and multiple generations in their Estate Planning, Probate and Real Estate matters. Most people with assets, retirement accounts, real estate, and children of any age need a Last Will and Testament or a Trust. This isn’t our firm’s first rodeo! The Wills, Trusts and Probate documents we draft have won in the rare instances of contests.

Our goal is to help clients avoid the difficulties, delays and unnecessary expenses their families could face with Wills, Trusts or Probate issues. We are compassionate, but thorough with our clients, and we keenly listen to their concerns and answer their questions. Examples of clients’ questions include: Do I really need a lawyer? What can they do for me that I can’t do for myself? What is involved, how long will it take, and what will it cost? We are available to our clients every step of the way and are available when they need us. We know the questions to ask clients so that they don’t feel put on the spot due to lack of familiarity with the law.

Shelby Perrin has unique skills acquired while interning for Judge William McCullough, Harris County Probate Court number 4, in the year 2003. Joanne Badeaux is uniquely qualified in representing estates that have real estate who want to transfer title and get warranty deeds in the name of the surviving spouse or beneficiaries because Joanne worked for Stewart Title Company prior to opening Badeaux & Associates in 1986.

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